G.R.I.T. Dream TeamsTM

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In your G.R.I.T. Dream Team, you will build real, human connections with diverse, resilient, high-integrity leaders who value people over profits through facilitated confidential monthly intensive C.E.O.S. (Challenge, Encourage, Optimize, Strategize).  You will question each other's answers, blind spots and implicit biases, collectively tackle complex challenges and develop leadership super-powers, all in a sacred, B.R.A.V.E space for C.O.P.I.N.G.


Six-Cs for G.R.I.T. Dream Teams

Confidential Curiosity + Candid Compassion = Constructive ClarityTM

B.R.A.V.E. SpaceTM

Balanced: Everyone is engaged and provided growth opportunities to contribute and receive support and encouragement.

Reflective: Individuals serve as mirrors or opposing forces to each other, and learn through reflective inquiry.

Accountable: Say what you do, do what you say, commit to that which you are willing to complete, serve as confrontation partners.

Vulnerable: All are willing to get uncomfortable, offer and receive candid observations, emotionally exposed and taking risks with supportive trust.

Empathetic: Compassion for each other and a desire to understand, without judgment or assumption. 

Getting Coffee

For C.O.P.I.N.G.TM

Take a deep dive into each session.

Challenges        (you are not alone)

Opportunities     (what should you focus on)

Problems           (what keeps you up at night)

Ideas                (sometimes half-baked)

Noticing           (observations, awareness)

Growth             (where, what, how do you want to be?)

Answers Questioned > Questions Answered    

(The Power of Peers)

Who Is This For?

People-Over-Profit Leaders who align with G.R.I.T. and possess courage, perseverance and passion!

Gratitude: Acknowledge, appreciate, and honor the gifts surrounding you (including feedback), willing to give back

Resilience: Strong character, see opportunity and growth in failure, you adapt and are flexible, adversity strengthens 

Integrity: Trusting and trustworthy, authentic, choose courage over comfort, strive to live in alignment with your core

Transformation: Aspire for constant shift and growth, expansion, increased awareness, learning and coachable always, all ways

Giving a Presentation

What You Get

Grow, support and sustain a people-over-profits organization.

Monthly POP challenges you will meet and exceed through straightforward accountability, impacting your decision making capability and capacity.

Strategies to attract, retain, and grow top talent to and within your organization.

Understand the trifecta of your mind, body and soul working congruently and how they integrate into your life and ultimately the organization you lead.

Experience internal and organizational growth and transformation with a futuristic and holistic approach to leadership.

Learn to create psychologically safe environments, model compassionate communication, provide constructive feedback and demonstrate gratitude.

What We Do

Check our ego.

Gathering of diverse minds with a shared people-over-profit intent and purpose.

Bring our whole selves to the “table” unapologetically with candid communication.

Assessments for expanded consciousness, self-awareness, acceptance and empathy for others.

Ongoing C.E.O. (challenge, encourage, observe) sessions with your peers and facilitator.

Growth partners experiencing co-transformation.

Content from thought-leaders related to top-of-mind C.O.P.I.N.G. 

The Whole > The Sum of the Parts


What To Expect

A brave, confidential environment where any fears of being wrong, rejected or failing are faced and replaced with courage, compassion and empathy.  

Anything and everything is "on the table".

Getting uncomfortable means you’re at the edge of transformational growth.

A holistic approach to business and personal existence.


Peer collaboration with engaged minds and heart-centered intuition to address C.O.P.I.N.G., exposing root causes.


Opportunity to focus on the strategic vision for your organization and your life.

Connection + Challenge = Change (Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad, Ed.D)

"All of us, at some time or other, need help. Whether we're giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world. That's one of the things that connects us as neighbors - in our own way, each one of us is a giver and a receiver."

― Mr. Fred Rogers

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